2016 Toyota Fortuner Interior Price Specs

The current model of the Fortuner has been around ever since 2005 and while it did receive updates in 2008 and 2011, the car remained similar in terms of technology to the first model, meaning it was not really up to the task of competing anymore with the other contenders in its class. In order to change that and make the Fortuner once again a top choice for anyone looking for a medium size SUV, Toyota released quite recently the all-new 2016 Toyota Fortuner which is pretty much an all new car rather than just a facelift which is great news for both the customers and for Toyota who now has a great car in this price range.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Platform and Engine

Just like before, the new model is actually based on the brand new model of the Hilux, meaning it has independent suspension all around the car which should greatly help with on-road comfort while the body on frame construction will give the car the toughness it needs in order to go pretty much anywhere. Engine wise, the new model has finally got rid of those old four engines which were just too fuel inefficient for these days. In exchange, it received a single 2.8-liter turbo-diesel inline 4 which is quite a bold move from Toyota. The engine offers more than 175 horsepower and up to 450 N*m of torque which is available between 1600 and 2400 rpm. This should allow it to tow with ease up to 3 tons in perfect safety. The engine only comes mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox in the base model while the upper trim levels have two choices.

2016 Toyota Fortuner side

These can get a rev-matching system for the manual which improves the smoothness of the powertrain greatly or an all new 6-speed automatic which comes straight from the new Hilux. This is both smoother as well as much faster in changing gears than the older model. A rear locking differential is a standard which is great especially for the two-wheel drive model while the four wheel drive car also gets a lockable center differential which will greatly increase its off-road capabilities.

2016 Toyota Fortuner engine

While a petrol engine will not be available at launch for the new 2016 Toyota Fortuner, it seems that in the near future the car will actually get an all aluminum 3.6 liter naturally aspirated V6 with more than 290 horsepower which will come from the Tacoma.

2016 Fortuner Design

The design is much more impressive than that of the current model which is always great news. It has matured so it now looks not only more aggressive but also more appealing for a wider range of customers. The rear of the car has two slim tail lights connected by a chrome strip and the tailgate is very clean looking. The bumper features a step and a plastic shield to protect it while on the rear window there is a small spoiler which makes it look quite nice.

2016 Toyota Fortuner back side

The roof looks to be floating thanks to the fact that Toyota gave the car black B and C pillars and a really nice chrome lines that span the entire lower part of the windowed area. In the front, it does get a bit from the design of the Hilux with the big chromed grille and the HID headlights that offer the 2016 Toyota Fortuner quite a menacing look. The interior is similar or identical to the newest generation of the Hilux which is great considering that the Hilux grew a lot in terms of quality and comfort.

2016 Toyota Fortuner interior

2016 Toyota Fortuner Release Date and Price

2016 Toyota Fortuner has already been released on the market in October 2015 when it became available in most markets for around the equivalent of $40,000 which is right where most of its competitors are.

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